Winter Diving in Norway with Nudibranchs


I’m still in Norway and have been here for most of January. There was a quick trip (but such a loooong journey!) to Vancouver to visit my family and go to the dentist:/ But I’m back in Norway now and I finally went diving in the Trondheim fjord last night. So far, it was the coldest dive I have ever done at 6C at maximum depth. The best part was trudging through a couple feet of snow to get down to the water. I felt pretty hard-core when my left glove flooded. I stuck it out and made a 50 minute dive because it was our second attempt at diving and didn’t want to waste the car rental and journey AGAIN!

We attempted a dive trip about a week ago, but the air temperature was -15C. Needless to say, all of my equipment froze.. and then leaked. We had to call the dive off because my inflator hose didn’t work and then my drysuit zipper froze and flooded as soon as I got into the water. And, yeah, the zipper was definitely fully closed (made that mistake before..)!

The diving in the Trondheim fjord was really awesome in January! There were amazing nudibranchs everywhere at about 10-15 m depth. Also, the visibility was simply amazing! It was a bit of a shock getting into a drysuit again after 2 weeks on a live aboard in the Red Sea! As much as I love the feeling of diving in a wetsuit, I REALLY enjoyed seeing all of the amazing nudibranchs:D