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Extremely Friendly Nurse Sharks

There were two very friendly nurse sharks at spotted bay on the north side of Utila a couple of days ago. I have neverView full post »

Caribbean Reef Squid

After a week of being sick, my sorta new sola light conking out and some mild photography burn out, here are some newView full post »

Diving on the north side

Finally made it over to the north side of Utila a couple of days ago on an amazing staff-only boat. I don’t knowView full post »

Diving on the Halliburton

And some more random shots. I also realized my camera case kinda sucks below about 25 m. The buttons start to stickView full post »

Close Encounter With an Eagle Ray

Most of this dive was a bit boring, we spent 30 minutes without seeing anything and then this eagle ray cruised by. IView full post »

Silver Gardens & Airport Caves

After too many days of diving without my camera I finally got to do a couple of fun dives! I got a sweet shot of aView full post »

I am officially a DMT at the Utila Dive Center

But first! Some fun diving photos. I have to say I was a bit disappointed in the two dives I did today on Utila afterView full post »