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Best of the Red Sea: Part 2 of 3

Here are some photos of all the weird and wonderful creatures it’s possible to observe in the Red Sea. I wasView full post »

Red Sea: Scalefin Anthias

There were an abundance of these little orange fish living on the reefs of the Red Sea, and I could stare at them allView full post »

Winter Diving in Norway with Nudibranchs

I’m still in Norway and have been here for most of January. There was a quick trip (but such a loooong journey!)View full post »

Turning Backscatter into Galaxies

I don’t know how I missed all the great artistic filters in photoshop! So basically, I am procrastinating. IView full post »

Diving Lygnstøylsvatnet: A Submerged Norwegian Village

One of the first things I did when I found out I would be living in Norway was to figure out where the good divingView full post »

A Wolffish and A Monkfish All in the Same Day

A few more photos from the Trondheim fjord. We had a really lucky day and spotted a wolf fish and a monk fish! I wasView full post »

Cold Water Diving in Trondheim, Norway

Dive Sites Around Trondheim The diving near Trondheim is pretty good for cold water diving, maybe not exactly up to BCView full post »

Silver Gardens & Airport Caves

After too many days of diving without my camera I finally got to do a couple of fun dives! I got a sweet shot of aView full post »

A Review of DMT Week One At Utila Dive Center

Week one of my DMT course was crazy busy in a really good way. I was either diving, studying or doing a workshop andView full post »