Red Sea Wrecks: Abu Nuhas and Thistlegorm

I’m posting my photos in reverse chronological order. These photos are all of my favourite wreck photos from my second week on a Red Sea live aboard out of Hurghada. All of these photos are from the wrecks at Abu Nuhas and the famous Thistlegorm.

Abu Nuhas is a reef with a total of four ships and is apparently quite the navigational hazard. The dive-able wrecks are: Christola K. (tile wreck), Carnatic (bottle wreck) and the Ghiannis D (timber wreck). It is located  just south of the Suez canal. Back in the day, after navigating through the Suez, the captain would be exhausted from the crossing and hand control of the ship over to the first mate. Under the guidance of the first mate, the ships ran into the reef at Abu Nuhas, which can be impossible to see in the right (or wrong…) lighting. Also, at least one of the wrecks at this site can be attributed to insurance fraud. Apparently, Ghiannis D. sent out their distress call before they actually hit the reef.. which is a bit fishy (pardon my pun)!

The Thistlegorm was a very impressive wreck, to say the least. My first dive on the wreck we had a pretty wicked current while descending down the line. However, once on the wreck it was very calm. I think we were very luck because for the first 20 minutes or so because I saw no other divers. One of the most peaceful and interesting dives I have ever done. It was really amazing to see the motorcycles and trucks in the cargo holds. I can definitely see why this wreck is so famous!

My conclusion from the wreck portion of this trip: I need to dive more wrecks! And I would like to one day get a bit more technical about it and learn how to use the reels to tie off and dive with redundant systems. Maybe this will be my incentive to get into technical diving.