Here are some photos of all the weird and wonderful creatures it’s possible to observe in the Red Sea. I was losing my sh*t when I spotted the octopus and feeling a bit (too..) proud of myself for seeing it. Throwing around the “rad” hand signal like nobodies business. They are pretty tough to spot because they are so great at camouflage. Also, really stoked to see the crocodile fish.

The stone fish was the dive master’s find, I can’t even believe it when people spot those. I can barely see it in the photo! It’s a fun game to show this one to people.. spot the fish! Haha.

The napoleon wrasse is maybe not so weird for most divers, but I think they are so striking. This particular one was extremely friendly and came back to check us out a few times. Luckily I got a couple really close shots and able to show the amazing colour and patterns.

I am finally finishing up with my photos from the Red Sea and I have so many that I am splitting them into three posts. This first batch is showing some of my favourite shots from the southern itinerary (south of Marsa Alam).

What did I love about diving in the south?

  • First of all, the soft coral. It was in abundance at nearly every dive site and incredibly beautiful.
  • Secondly, there were giant clams everywhere, which I am now obsessed with.
  • Finally, my favourite dive sites in the fury shoal area had some amazing swim throughs. The light was spectacular as it filtered in through the reef.
  • Not pictured, but definitely a highlight, was diving with oceanic whitetip sharks. Unfortunately, my adrenaline got the best of me and I don’t have any pictures worth showing:/ Next time…

I gotta say, I miss Egypt already! Next up, weird and wonderful creatures and my overall favourite photographs from the trip (although, the turtle from the night diving photos is probably my personal fav).

There were an abundance of these little orange fish living on the reefs of the Red Sea, and I could stare at them all day. One of my favourite dives from this trip was basically hanging out at around 5 to 10 m and trying to get good shots of these guys. The orange fish are the males and the females are actually a really pretty purple colour. Very slowly posting these photos. Should have two more posts from this trip before I’ve uploaded everything:)


I’m still in Norway and have been here for most of January. There was a quick trip (but such a loooong journey!) to Vancouver to visit my family and go to the dentist:/ But I’m back in Norway now and I finally went diving in the Trondheim fjord last night. So far, it was the coldest dive I have ever done at 6C at maximum depth. The best part was trudging through a couple feet of snow to get down to the water. I felt pretty hard-core when my left glove flooded. I stuck it out and made a 50 minute dive because it was our second attempt at diving and didn’t want to waste the car rental and journey AGAIN!

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My favourite photo from this bunch has to be of the hawksbill turtle. I got some help from my buddies video light, which created the shadow in the foreground and added some great contrast!

Otherwise, I loved the feather stars on the night dives. In the dark they are spread out, but as soon as you shine your light on them they start to curl up into a ball. They are so beautiful when they do this.. and photogenic:) The other amazing creature I saw on the night dives was the anemone crab. It actually has the living anemones on its shell! So cool! Great spot by my buddy on that one.

I didn’t do all of the night dives unfortunately. Mostly because I was so cold. If I were to go back to the Red Sea in winter, I would definitely be packing my drysuit with me!