Diving Lygnstøylsvatnet: A Submerged Norwegian Village

One of the first things I did when I found out I would be living in Norway was to figure out where the good diving sites were. At the top of that list was Lygnstøylsvatnet, a submerged village in the mountains located near Hellesylt and Geirangerfjord. A massive landslide cut off a stream, causing the valley to flood. It makes for a pretty eery, but cool, dive site. There are old bridges, forests, paths and the foundations of houses to check out.

The only thing is that it’s really cold, 7C when I was there in the end of October. But I think that was pushing it because there was already snow on the mountain tops! Despite the cold, it was a really cool diving experience and if you ever get the chance I highly recommend checking it out.