Exploring Parc de Guell: Black & White

Something about Gaudi’s Parc de Guell makes me want to see everything in black and white. I think for me, the textures and shapes throughout the park are just so beautiful that the colour ended up being distracting.

I highly recommend visiting here if you’re ever in Barcelona. I had a great day just exploring by myself and ended up spending around 4 hours wandering the trails and getting lost. I think the 7 euro entrance fee isn’t too bad and didn’t regret coughing up the extra money to see inside. Bonus, you can stay as long as you want.

I also really enjoyed the free section of the park. There were musicians scattered throughout playing the spanish guitar and some metal, bell-like instrument that was so pretty. I had a nice time just sitting with a cafe con leche enjoying the tunes and taking a small break from photos:)

The only downside to this spot was the sheer number of tourists in the main areas. But that is to be expected at any Gaudi site in Barcelona. I spent quite a bit of time waiting for people to get out of my frame.. especially for the first image. Ironically, I ended up liking the photo with the 2 people in it even better because I personally like how they give a sense of scale!