Diving on Hitra

I had an amazing weekend diving in Hitra with the diving club from my university this past weekend. There were nine of us on the trip and we stayed at an old fish oil factory right on the fjord. The club has their own boat and even a portable hot tub, fondly dubbed “the stamp”. Diving from a boat again was a really nice change from the shore diving I have been doing lately in the Trondheim area and the marine life around Hitra is really spectacular.

Diving Highlights

  • Our first day diving we did an amazing wall dive in a pretty fast current. The first part of the dive we saw loads of fish and then the wall was absolutely covered in beautiful anemones. Towards the end of the dive there were sea urchins everywhere and the craziest geology I think I have ever seen (including my time spent logging core on a drill rig when I worked as a geotechnical engineer). The second dive that day was another drift dive and many more fish with slight up and down currents.
  • The second day I opted for the “calm” dive, where we started out on a wall that went into a canyon and shallowed out to around 5 m depth. The currents through the canyon were pretty fast but luckily it was quite shallow so there wasn’t a lot to worry about! I saw my first Norwegian nudibranch a few shrimp and the stalked jellyfish in the main photo of this post. The second dive we dropped down into a small cave which was pretty neat and then spent the rest of the dive on a wall. There were several really cool looking spider crabs, however, of course my memory card was full and the buttons on my housing were sticking, so I have no photos of them.
  • The final dive of the trip I experienced the craziest current of my life, my buddy was speculating it was around 8 to 10 knots. I didn’t last that long after I hit some up and down currents and got pushed up and down about 4 to 5 m. It was a bit of a roller coaster but I think I would try it again now that I know what to expect!

There were so many fish and cool things to see… From amazing wall dives, crazy currents and so much marine life I would say it was a very successful trip.