I’ve been experimenting with street photography lately because there is so much to see in Barcelona. Each little alley here is full of stuff to look at, from street art to architecture to all of the people wandering about. I’m pretty much inherently shy though, and photographing total strangers is TOTALLY against my nature. Usually I’m the one with their head in the clouds.. kinda literally, because that’s what I’m usually looking at. So this new foray into photography is really challenging for me. One frame at a time!

Another art-centric Barcelona post courtesy of MACBA: Museu d’Art Contemporary de Barcelona aka Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona! I spent another afternoon out and about obsessively taking about a thousand photos of the city and at MACBA. What a scene! Holy smokes, there were so many skateboarders outside, I swear I almost got run over a couple time. Just google “MACBA Barcelona skateboarders” and there are so many photos! Also, this place smelled like.. home.. aka Vancouver;)

So now that that’s out of the way.. is the inside of the gallery worth visiting? In my opinion, I loved it. But then again, I love art and I’m a student so it only cost me 7 euros. Not sure on the regular price of admission. They had a really cool photography exhibit on the first floor showing street photography of Barcelona from the 1950’s. So if you’re into that, definitely worth a visit. Also, there were some other cool things to see. I loved the light installation I showed in the photos. Don’t remember the artists name though.

Also, this quote:

“Form poses a problem which appeals to the utmost resources of our intelligence, and it affords the means which charm our sensibility and even entice us to the verge of frenzy. Form is never trivial or indifferent; it is the magic of the world.”

Albert M. Dalq, ‘Form and Modern Embryology’, Growth and Form catalogue, 1951

Yay, science!

Something about Gaudi’s Parc de Guell makes me want to see everything in black and white. I think for me, the textures and shapes throughout the park are just so beautiful that the colour ended up being distracting.

I highly recommend visiting here if you’re ever in Barcelona. I had a great day just exploring by myself and ended up spending around 4 hours wandering the trails and getting lost. I think the 7 euro entrance fee isn’t too bad and didn’t regret coughing up the extra money to see inside. Bonus, you can stay as long as you want.

I also really enjoyed the free section of the park. There were musicians scattered throughout playing the spanish guitar and some metal, bell-like instrument that was so pretty. I had a nice time just sitting with a cafe con leche enjoying the tunes and taking a small break from photos:)

The only downside to this spot was the sheer number of tourists in the main areas. But that is to be expected at any Gaudi site in Barcelona. I spent quite a bit of time waiting for people to get out of my frame.. especially for the first image. Ironically, I ended up liking the photo with the 2 people in it even better because I personally like how they give a sense of scale!

I’ve almost been in Barcelona for a whole two weeks now and I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of all there is to do here. Admittedly, school started this week and I was unfortunate enough to get sick as well, meaning most of my free time this week I spent lying in bed watching Netflix:/ However, I have managed to experience a few of the amazing sights this city has to offer.

My top activities so far include:

  1. Parc de Guell.. dedicated post coming soon:)
  2. PICASSO museum! I LOVE Picasso, especially his drawings and there was a great selection at the museum here. Bonus, it’s free for university students:D
  3. The old city and simply wandering around the streets, getting lost on purpose. There is so much sweet graffiti/street art everywhere you look. I included a few of my fav’s in the pictures up above.
  4. La Sagrada Familia, didn’t get to go in because tickets were sold out. I went late in the day though so that’s just bad planning on my part. This is kinda interesting for a civil engineer.. what a nightmare that project must be to manage! haha…
  5. Carnival in Sitges was pretty neat and only a 30 min train ride from Barcelona. The only thing I could think to compare it to was gay pride parade in Vancouver.. and that’s not really it either.

I spent about 4 hours at Parc de Guell taking photos (part of the time in the rain) so I’m making that one into it’s own post! Actually, I’m suspecting that this might be why I caught a cold.. whoops.

For a variety of reasons these are my personal favourite photos from the trip. Obviously, the dolphins were an amazing experience, even if it only lasted maybe less than 30 seconds. Anywho, enjoy!